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JanAid Guitars. Our Philosophy

janaid workshop

We all need a tool through which to channel our feelings, emotions, thoughts, ideas, all the requirements needed to be led by your creativity. In JanAidGuitars we try to integrate...

JanAid Guitars Second Generation

Here is the new JanAid Second Generation Because our desire is to create instruments of the highest quality and that fit your needs, we present you the new JanAid Second Generation . From now on all our models feature our Patent endingHybrid pickups and our Unipre on-board pream which, together with our low-pass filter and kill swith will offer you an incredible palette of sounds and colors.

Each one of our instruments is shaped by hand, creating these reliefs so characteristic of the JanAid instruments and taking the best from our woods. Each neck is made by hand, each combination of woods choossed especially for you. Our new neck with a less thickness will allow you to fly. Our new joins provide more stability to the instrument, our new finishes allow you to see and feel the wood. This is the Second Generation JanAid, and you can be one of the chosen for to be a part of the ELITE.