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The traditional JanAid sound


A classic style desing, a really fast attack and a deeper sound. [Read more here]


A modern desing with the best sound


Coming soon!!!!!

Darens Evolution

More sustain and a fast attack

Darens E

How to have more sustain in your instrument without to lose attack?. The answer is here [Read more here]

The Traveler

Ready for your gigs


With our Traveler model you could discover places where no musicians was stay before. Very light but powerfull, sweet but completly aggressive. A real 4x4 bass.[Read more here]

Princess Contrabass

Infinite sustain

Princess Contrabass

An hybrid between upright bass and electric bass. .Really acoustic!!! [Read more here]

The EverGreen

Something special


Really this bass is not one of our models. It is a creation of Javier JanAid, inspired by the Victor Wooten Woods logo. This instrument can be tested at Victor Wooten Camp [Read more here]

Your desing

We can create your bass

Share with us your ideas about your own desing!!!

Hybrid pickups

Taking the sound from the wood

From years ago we are building our own pickups for one simple reason: we want to take the best from our woods and to personalize your sound. Our Hybrid pickups are a mix between the modern sound but without to lose the personality of the classics.

A clear and powerful sound, a high outpout and a tone full of matisses. Single or humbucker you will need time for to take all the best they can offert you.

How to find my ideal Janny?

Have you doubts about you ideal Janny?. DonĀ“t worry, we are here for to help you