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JanAid forest, our woods


I am the blue firmament and the black cloud, I am the waterfall and the sound thereof, I am the graven image and the stone by the wayside, I am the rose and the falling petals thereof, I am the flower of the field and the sacred lotus, I am the sanctified waters and the still pool, I am the tree that towereth among the mountains and the blade of grass in the peaceful lane, I am the tender spring leaf and the evergreen foliage.

Jiddu Krishnamurty

From the Mediterranean Spain to the volcanic Hawaii, through the Rocky Mountains of North America to the Senegal forest, from the exotic forest of India to the small native communities in the big Amazon, our woods are selected directly from the forest. We only buy from people who manage their forests sustainably, only from those who directly benefit from the harvesting the lumber from their properties consistently. With using natural resources, there are international laws that require following sustainable practices. But despite that, there are many abuses that caused whole villages to be forced to abandon their traditional lifestyles in pursuit of a "welfare for his country or community”. At JanAid Guitars, we have always pursued compliance not only the law, but also the application of common sense. There are big "certified wood" producers who only are looking to enrich themselves under a false application of these international treaties. Associations such as Greenpeace offer rigorous reports about important wood producers presumed to possess certified wood, but when asked about the origins of this are unable to produce this proof. JanAid Guitars never buys these woods. On the other hand, we stop buying wood if these trees appear on the Cites list or we are not sure about its origin or real certification.

Because we knew how  difficult it could be to buy "real" certified wood, from the beginning, almost the 70% of the woods we are using come from our Southern Spanish Mediterranean Forest. Javier JanAid  chooses each tree to be cut down.  Usually these might be trees that represent a danger to people, or diseased trees, trees with dead branches – these are our principal wood source. The lumber is made right here in our workshop and after a minimum of 5 years drying time, Javier  carefully selects each one of the pieces that will be used in our instruments. Olive, Ash, Elm, Chesnut, Quercus Ilez, Pomegranate, Cidonia and a long list of special woods are gifted to us from our forest. Many unique wood species including spalted and curly pieces that we only can find in the Mediterranean forest are some of our most exotic and coveted woods in the world. We are not using our woods because they are beautiful, but because of THEIR SOUND. A bass with a beautiful look is a good thing, but a bass with exotic woods and a premier sound and tone are a JanAid instrument! From long ago we are calling all these woods our forest gifted us "JanAid woods". Check our RESERVA COLLECTION and enjoy the beauty of the nature.

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Reserva Collection

After a carefully selection we take our most special woods for to create our RESERVA. ALl of these tops come from trees of our forest. Giving a second oportunitty to these pieces of wood here you have a beautiful collection of tops made by nature